Eureka IPTV has one of the largest selection of channels (over 5000+) and offers a wide diversity of entertainment options. We offer live streaming in HD/4K formats for most of the channels especially South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangla, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil etc.) along with a variety of Canadian and US channels. You will never miss a sporting event or your favorite TV Show with Eureka IPTV.

All the world's a stage. And we are here to bring the world at your fingertips


You can watch live TV channels as well as Catch-up (recorded stuff) from all around the world. US, Canadian, UK, Arabic, Latin, Asian countries- Indian, Punjabi. Pakistani. Bangla, Afghan and many more to count. Other salient features of our servces:


  • More than 5000 channels. (Please see our page to know the complete list)
  • All the main channels covered with full HD/4K quality.
  • Latest movies & TV Shows.
  • No buffering, No lagging, Instant start!
  • If you have a smart tv (especially android or Fire TV) than no need to purchase any box. We will save some valuable bucks for you.
  • If you have already have astreaming box with you(even locked or dead), we can program our server on it.
  • All this with a nominal and affordable monthly or yearly subscription.
  • No Contract, No Restrictions, No Locking of device(s).


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  1. A good consistent internet connection with at least speed of 25 Mbps and 250 gb data/month.
  2. A smart TV or Streaming box. It can be any: Android Box, Android Tablet of Phone, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV Box, Mag TV box, Kodi Box, Fire Stick or Roku.
  3. A TV with HDMI input (even if you have an old styled fat TV, we can help you connect the box with the composite cables.
  4. If you want to program the box/TV by your self, you should have some basic knowledge of installing apps or apks and tweaking the settings. This will save some valuable time or ours and your money as well. You can follow the tutorial links to guide you through this.
  5. And of course, time and urge to watch TV & Movies. 😉

More Apps from us

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We have some absolutely free options for you as well. If you have an android phone, tablet, Smart TV or any other device than watch some South Asian Channels- specially Indian & Pakistani News channels, almost all Punjabi channels, All Doordarshan Channels absolutely live. You can even watch some old popular Doordarshan TV Serial Episodes and feel nostalgic.


Run Good on both Wi-Fi and LTE/3G Connections.


For all these go to our Android App Section. (COMING SOON......)