Download  files

If you have  an Android Tablet, Android Box, Android TV, Google TV or Google Cromecast :


  1. Open Google Play Store and search for Eureka IPTV. The app has a TV logo with Indian flag in it.
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. When the installation part is complete it will show you open buttom.
  4. When it will be opened for 1st time. It will show Configure Application button.
  5. Click on Configure App>profiles>Server #(some random nos)>STB Configuration
  6. There you will see MAC-address starting with 00:1A:79--:--:--   . Give us that to activate your service.

If you have Amazon Firestick, Fire Cube, Fire TV, Fire Tablet or Fire Kindle:


  1. Go into your Device Settings (its at the end of top row of home page) .
  2. If its a Fire TV, go to Device & Software, If its a firestick go the my Fire TV option and there you will see About info. Click on Fire TV Stick' for seven times and this will activate developer mode.
  3. Press Back and go in Develepor Options and Switch on Both 'ADB debugging' and 'Apps from Unknown Sources,
  4. Now go to your Home Page>Appstore>Choose all Caetegories>Go into Utilities section. There you will find 'Downloader' App. Download and install it. When you will open it, it will ask you for Storage permissions. Allow it.
  5. In Downloader put the url of this page & download the Eureka IPTV app from any of the above links.
  6. Once download is finished, Install it. (In new devices/firmwares it may say that you are not allowed to install this. and will give you settings option. Go into it. It will take you again th Install from unknow  sources. There you will find Downloader app icon with button in off position. Click it on and come back to the downloader app by clicking back button once or twice. Now click on install eureka IPTV app and it will install)
  7. When you will open it for the first time Click on Configure Application>profiles>Server (some random nos)>STB Configuration
  8. There you will see MAC-Address starting with 00:1A:79:--:--:--. Give us that to activate your service/trial.