Sky server customers who are facing black screen problem, plese follow these steps to change url:

1. Press the Stb Emu icon where ever it is on your box screen

gallery/pic 1

2. When you see a blank screen press the menu button on your remote. (Take note of the return or back button, we wont be using it now but later) A pop up screen will pop up on right. Click on settings.

gallery/pic 3

3. Press on profiles


4.  Click on Gold or Edge. if it is not there click on new profile # (Some random number/letters)

      Please dont worry if your box's settings doesnt look exactly like the pics shown. It may look               different for different box. Just try chosing the correct profile.


5.  Click on Portal Settings


6.  Click on Portal Url


7.  Change the portal url from '' to  ''


8.  Save the changes and press back/return button on the keyboard. You should now be able to see the new url under the Portal Url as shown in the pic

gallery/saved url

9.  Now keep pressing the back button multiple times unless you reach to the starting blank page from where we started. Now again press the menu button on your remote. You will again see the setting pop up on right side of the screen. This time press Profile on the 5th no.


9.  Further press the same profile which we just edited: Gold/Edge or New profile # (Random nos) whichever in your case. Press it for sure even if it already appears to be selected.

gallery/gold select

10.  Just wait for a moment  and the channels will populte.